The Miracle Oil and Massage in Central London

Coconut oil


Which miracle oil am I talking about?  I’m talking about Coconut oil.   It’s quite possibly one of the most versatile products in the entire retail market. From offering a plethora of health benefits, to serving a valuable purpose for a myriad of household uses, coconut oil is useful in so many ways.  As well as massage therapy, here’s a ton of ways coconut oil can be used.

Most importantly, coconut oil is a natural derivative of the raw, organic, unprocessed coconut fruit. In addition to serving as a useful cooking lubricant, coconut oil may also be substituted into baking recipes. Don’t worry coconut flavor haters, the coconut hints are actually quite subtle when used for cooking. In addition to cooking, coconut oil serves as a fantastic base for lip balms, skin moisturisers, hair conditioner, and even homemade shaving cream.

The muscular stimulation helps to loosen and release toxins that are built up in the sub-dermal cells, and the oil itself helps to draw it out. This leaves the mouth feeling clean and refreshed. If not used for oil pulling, coconut oil can be combined with baking soda for an effective, chemical-free toothpaste.

With natural antibiotic and antifungal properties, this multi-use product makes a great natural diaper rash cream. Some parents use this oil as a primary ingredient for making homemade baby wipes. It can also be an organic treatment for athlete’s foot and yeast infections.

Coconut oil serves well as a natural anti-inflammatory in addition to containing healthful agents that fight free radicals. Free radicals are molecular components that tend to disrupt the healthy function of typical cells by stealing their outermost electrons. They can lead to cellular damage, and in severe cases, cancer. The antioxidant agents in coconut oil combat these free radicals and help prevent damage.

Around the house, coconut oil may be used as a hardwood floor polish, in addition to treating and protecting leather furniture.

Coconut oil really does provide a wide variety of health benefits. Everyone should keep some of this miracle product around since it is truly so versatile and so incredibly healthy.

Talking about coconut oil and massage therapy, I wrote recently in our blog about how you can de-stress yourself with massage therapy.  We run a clinic providing massage in central london.  Why not stop by Paddington and give us a call on 020 7935 1552, we’re here to help.