Radical Achievement for Personal Career and Health Goals

Radical Achievement for Personal Career and Health Goals

Your personal attitude is very important in the effect your level of happiness, and how positive and focused you’ll stay in achieving your personal, financial or health goals. I once read a quote that said, ‘life is dull, only to dull people’.  Isn’t that so true. So how do you go about making a radical leap in achieving your personal, health and wellness goals?

The exact way you pursue your goal is entirely up to you. Here are some ideas that I hope will help you achieve a leap in achieving your goals that you are chasing:

  1. Get completely into your goal. Write down what your goals are. Make a vision board. Post your goal somewhere where you will read it every single day; make them your screensaver or put them on your fridge or bathroom mirror.
  2. Lean and educate yourself on how to reach your desired goal. Really take time out to learn so that you are an subject expert. Keep reading more and more, and fill yourself with knowledge until you succeed. Never just read one book; read ten and then ten more and so on. Talk to experts and listen to audio programs too, I like having a subscription to a monthly audio book program so I can listen to books when I’m walking or driving.
  3. You are who you hang out with most.  Change your circle of friends and surround yourself with the people whom you want to be like.
  4. If your environment is holding you back, change your environment to make it possible to achieve your goal.  I work best at home, but it can sometimes be so noisy and busy, so I work in a local coffee shop or co-working space.

People will often fail to make the radical leap to achieve their goals, as their one of the above is inadequate or missing. They are also unclear as to what their actual goal is and they don’t remind themselves of it every day. They underestimate the commitment required and only spend 2 hours learning how to be successful as opposed to 100’s. It could be difficult to achieve your goal if your surrounded by people who do nothing but hold you back.

Achieving a radical leap in achievement takes work, but the alternative is to become dull and always stay the same. Don’t go for a quick solution to fix your situation, as you’ll find yourself not getting to where you want to be. Or, you can accept that it is hard to achieve significant change, but it’s worth it in the long run.

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