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Ear Candles and Allergy Testing


Ear Candles and Allergy Testing – At Elements London

Ear Candles Treatment: £25
Allergy Test: £35

Test of over 400 items including all vitamin and mineral deficiencies and all addictives used in food and drinks.

We test for:

All vitamin and mineral deficiencies. All additives used in food and drinks. 13 sweeteners. 43 vegetables. 16 fats and dairy products. 28 meats. 445 fruits. 39 fish and shellfish. 10 nuts. 13 grains 14 pulses. 10 beverages. 10 toxins. 35 herbs and spices. 30 miscellaneous items including house dust mites, feathers, animal hair, aerosols, air scents, grasses, nicotine, yeast, wines, beers, spirits, tap water, plants, flowers, cosmetics, shampoos, biological washing products, bleaches, cleaners, fluorescent lighting, power pylons, TV monitors. We will also test items that you feel are causing problems, for example, medications, work materials etc. Advice notes are provided with the test report sheet so that you can gain a better understanding of the problem.

Testing is made from a sample of hair. All age groups. Fast service. Advice notes and test report sheet provided.