Massage Therapy for Hamstring Injuries

Exercise a lot? Are you into sports?

If you are, you’ve probably already experienced various aches and strains in your muscles. This is because of the strain that you put into your muscles that cause an imbalance, or in extreme cases, trauma. If you have, or in case you ever experience it, you can always get massage therapy for hamstring injuries.


Hamstrings are the three muscles at the back of your thighs. They are the semitendinosus, semimembranosus and the biceps femoris muscles.

All three hamstring muscles are anchored to your sitting bone and these are the muscles that help you bend your knee and extend your hips. Like when you’re about to kick a football…

Massage Therapy for Hamstring Injuries


There are three types of injuries to your hamstrings. They could either be a minor tear within the muscle, a partial tear of the muscle or a severe rupture.

Strain and minor tears won’t limit your movement or give you too much pain, but they are uncomfortable.

A muscle tear, on the other hand, will be painful and you won’t be able to bend your knee as much. Normally in a muscle tear there will be swelling, bruising and you might even have to wear crutches when you walk.


As with all muscle-related injuries, the best treatment is rest, compression and massage.

Individuals with hamstring strain or minor tears don’t necessarily need to go to a hospital for treatment. Instead, you can rest your hamstrings and even seek the help of a massage therapist.

For those with muscle tears or ruptures, it is best to seek the help of a medical doctor. Massage therapy can be added as supplementary treatment, but you’d need to get the go signal from your doctor first.

Massage Therapy for Hamstring Injuries

Massage therapy is a great treatment method for anyone who is experiencing pain, muscle strain and inflammation. This is because massage therapy helps speed up the healing process. It also reduces muscle tightness and can help build healthy scar tissue.

If you’re experiencing a hamstring strain or a minor tear, go to a professional massage therapist. Once your injury has been examined to rule out any potential contraindications, you can indulge in a gentle massage to help reduce the inflammation.

A gentle Swedish massage can help speed up the healing process by using a lymph drainage technique that stretches the muscle fibres. After stretching your hamstring muscles, the next step would be to mobilise the tissues in the injured area.


During the first few sessions with your massage therapist, most work will be gentle as not to inflict any more damage. But as you go on and the injury heals, you will experience more pressure as your therapist works transverse friction to help speed up the healing and to build healthy scar tissue faster. Deep, lengthwise stroked and kneading will be done to make your hamstring muscles more relaxed and pliable. Your hamstrings will also be gradually bent during massage to keep your muscles active.


Massage therapy is not just a way to unwind after a crazy day at work. It can also help you deal with uncomfortable and painful muscle strains and tears.

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