How Massage Can Help Relieve Back Pain

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Lower back pain can be really painful and tricky to treat. This pain can often originate from the back muscles themselves, sore joints on your spine, weaker bones or pressure on the nerves around your bones. Thankfully back pain is normally curable. So lets learn about how massage can help relieve back pain.

The main reason behind a chronic back pain is the over use of back muscles. The excessive strain on muscles especially around the lower back can tear muscle tissues eventually causing a lot of pain. People suffering from such chronic back problems can feel extreme pain while lifting heavy weight on a day to day basis or while performing any sports activity. Lower back pain can be really uncomfortable and restricts your movement. Even a small movement during this condition can give you painful spasms. There are many medicines, injections and surgeries recommended by doctors to offer relief from pain but sometimes these treatments may also aggravate the problem.

Importance of Message Therapy:

Massage is the best way to get rid of lower back pain without any side effects. In this therapy, the deepest muscles of back is relaxed by rubbing them in a circular motion and pressing on certain points to relieve stiffness of your back muscles. The main aim behind the massage is to relax the person who is going through such pain and increase the blood flow around the circumcenter of the pain.

In order to relax the patient, the ambiance is lit with some gentle music while conducting the massage therapy. For chronic diseases, a special massage room is available at physiotherapy centers where special treatment is given to reduce joint and muscle pain. The main aim behind creating such a peaceful environment before giving the massage is to make the patient feel comfortable before the therapy even starts. This builds the trust in the person and when the massages get started, the person respond more positively to the treatment. A good massage with balanced heart rate, reduces blood pressure, controls anxiety and releases body stiffness.

Different Types of Massage Therapy:

To reduce lower back pain, patients are advised to opt for Swedish massage or Thai massage which is mostly available at spa centers. In Swedish massage therapy, the main focus is on relaxing the muscles of lower back by applying certain pressure on the affected area. The massage is conducted by rubbing on the affected area in circular motions with slight pressure so the blood flow increases around the affected area.

However, Thai massage works differently. In this massage therapy, the sore muscles are stretched and pulled to relax till the pain diminishes. To reduce the friction special massage oils are used which add the merits of aroma therapy during the Thai Massage session. Thai massage is done by targeting specific points of lower back to increase the blood flow to revive the damaged tissues. Aggravated lower back pain can be really stressful and can lead to many other health problems. Through effective massage therapy, you not only make the patient feel comfortable but also put a stop on any further injuries.

Medicines can be very beneficial for suppressing the pain but high dosage of such medicines can have so many side effects which could be very harmful in longer run. If you are looking for an easy way to get rid of lower back pain, then massage therapy is the best option. Just 2 to 3 massage appointments in a week will relieve you from any sort of pain but if your injury is more chronic, start taking some medicines after consulting the doctor for faster results.

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