How A Massage Can Help Relieve a Headache

A lot of individuals experience headache. It is the most prevalent form of personal pain that everyone goes through, no matter what age or stage of life they are in. However, a hand massage can alleviate this discomfort as it provides a notable relief from headache pain that is either caused by cold, flu, or stress.  Did you know that a massage can help relieve a headache?

What causes headache

Pain in the head and neck could be triggered by several factors. One of them can be bacterial and viral infections that originated from environmental conditions. Furthermore, it can also be an aftermath from muscular and emotional stress. Sports injuries can strain the muscles resulting to muscular tension. On the other hand, emotional stress has been a part of the 21st century living, where it had became nerve-racking to manage both family and work. Due to that, the pressure of trying to keep all things in place has been the prime cause of headache.

How could a hand massage help

Massage is the practice of physical strategic touch with the use of hands that is utilised for therapeutic purposes. It reduces muscular pain and stress due to multiple life activities. A good massage helps a stressed individual feel relaxed.

The design of the hand determines the effectiveness of a massage in relieving headache pain; the thumb and forefinger contain the valley of harmony, also known as the web space-it holds the pressure points.

Generally, the physical response of the body to headache or stress shows up as muscular tightness in the web space. Focusing on these parts while doing a hand massage can loosen and relax the muscle, thus, relieving pain.

How a face massage could help

Another great way to relieve a headache is to try a face massage.  Muscle tension and vascular headaches are the most common types of headaches, a face massage can help relieve both of these types. Here are some areas  you can focus on to apply a face massage:

1. Make sure you are properly hydrated by drinking a glass of water before the massage.

2. On the bridge of your nose at the base where it joins your forehead, place your thumbs on either side and apply pressure for 10 seconds and release.  Repeat this a few times.

3. By keeping your thumbs in the same place, rotate to angle them to the bridge of your nose.  Ensure you’ve rotated them so the pads of your thumbs face upwards towards your forehead.  Again, apply some pressure by pressing the thumbs upwards.  Hold for 10 seconds, and repeat a few times.

4. Using three fingers or the balls of your hand, place them on your temples.  Apply some pressure and rotate in a circular motion a few times.

If headaches are occurring frequently, it is recommended to try these massage practices on a regular basis to ease any forms of discomfort. The strategic touch of hand massage is a natural therapeutic way that can diminish headache pain.  For a full body massage contact us at Elements London 020 7935 1552
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