Deep Tissue Massage London

Lately, I’ve been feeling heavy after working for days on end as a sous chef in a busy restaurant. The hot kitchen environment and the stress of having to prepare meals as fast as possible for the customers have been getting to me. Our head chef doesn’t seem to mind the stress anymore and he told me about his secret; deep tissue massage London.

Moving around in the kitchen has been causing me sore shoulders and lower back pain. Apparently, our head chef gets a deep tissue massage every once in a while to help counter these feelings. Strained muscles can affect our performance, and I cannot let this get in the way of my career.

This is how I can across Elements London, Health and Beauty Clinic in Marylebone. Upon entering the place, I felt a relaxing aura which set the mood for being able to have a better body condition. I mentioned how I heard about deep tissue massage London and that they offer this service. They explained how tight muscles and stress can accumulate and lead to chronic pain. Through their natural and effective massage techniques, the tension can be released from the body.

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper muscular layers which tend to get stiff after repetitive motions or lack of it. The therapist mentioned how this kind of massage is suitable for stiffness in both the neck and shoulders, as well as tightness in the lower back area. Deep tissue massage employs some of the same strokes as classic massage does, but this is much slower and concentrated on the areas of concern.

It was explained to me that connective tissues and the muscles in stressed areas can get adhesions and this is what leads to pain, inflammation, and after a while, limited range of motion. The aim of deep tissue massage London is to release the tension and make the muscles more relaxed instead of tight and knotted.

Initially, it was a bit painful but it was explained to me that this was a normal part of the massage. The therapist asked me to tell her whenever I felt the pain was too much and she would lessen the pressure. Then she found just the right pressure that worked for me and continued with the deep tissue massage. After working on my back, she proceeded to my shoulders where most of my tension was.

After the initial pain, I have to say that the deep tissue massage London from Elements Health and Beauty was one of the best things I have experienced when it comes to relieving the soreness I feel in my shoulders. I have always tried to exercise on my own or drink medications, but the deep tissue massage was so much better.

What I think is best about it is that it is natural and very therapeutic. Now, every time I feel my shoulders getting stiff or heavy, I plan on getting deep tissue massage London from Elements London, Health and Beauty to experience that same relief I did when I first walked out of their door after one session!