Choose The Right Acupuncture Therpist In London

choose the right acupuncture therpist in london

Before we start, acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medical procedure involving sticking needles all over a person’s body. Now, why would anyone in their right mind want to have needles stuck to their body willingly? Well, if you’re interested in promoting good health you might want to consider having this procedure done. And maybe in the end you just might like it.

London for the most part is a very progressive city and along with that progress come a certain amount of stress that is bound to take its toll on any working individual. Stress as we all know can sap the energy out of anybody which leads to a lot of medical issues which is often evident in one’s physical appearance. Who wants to have saggy skin or a sallow look in this time and age right?

If you want to get that vim and vigor back into your body then you might want to consider having acupuncture done.

This procedure involves identifying your body’s meridians or the flow of qi in your body. Stress often misaligns these channels and the Chinese have developed this procedure to correct those misalignments. And they learned how to do this procedure more than a few centuries ago! So you can be sure that a lot of practice and research has been done to make sure it is truly beneficial.

Of course not just anyone can stick needles into another person’s body and realign these channels. And these needles aren’t what you’d find in a normal tailor’s sewing box either. These specialised needles need to be handled by professionals who know exactly what you need and where to place these medical pins.

You also have to make sure that these specialists practice the Clean Needle Technique or CNT to avoid adverse effects to this procedure.

One session is usually enough to bring back that energy but it is not uncommon for patients to keep coming back for more. So far, there has been no news of having a lot of acupuncture sessions being detrimental to one’s health. In fact, the opposite is quite evident.

The effects you should look out for are a feeling of reinvigoration, a brightening of one’s skin (this usually happens a couple of hours after the procedure as the body releases hormones to counteract the toxins present in it), and a renewed sense of well-being. Although further studies have to be made to assess just how wide the scope of acupuncture’s after effects on an individual, the after effects have for the general populace of patients been very positive.

And just in case you still think acupuncture is not a recognised medical procedure, think again. The World Health Organization, The United States National Institutes of Health and yes, for those who reside in London, even the National Health Service of the United Kingdom stand behind this procedure as a legitimate practice. So, next time you’re feeling down and ugly, get some needles stuck in you and watch in amazement as life literally courses back through you!