Benefits of massage on clients – Massage Therapy London


Most people get a massage in order to relax, pleasurable way to unwind at weekends after hard week at work. Others perhaps go to relieve aches and pains from discomfort or injury.

After a massage we may feel our spirits have been lifted. It broadens our everyday perspective. The opportunity is one for self awareness. The benefit of massage on mental health is not a surprise when we think of body- mind connection. The body is a miraculous manifestation that gives us direct access to the unknown part of ourselves.

Psychological benefits

  • Sense of wellbeing
  • Restores energy
  • Improves moods
  • It creates body-mind connection
  • It can create calmer mind, and increases the capacity for clear thinking

Mental benefits

  • It relaxes the client and allows the body to release stored stress
  • Massage also helps in creating alertness around us.

Physical benefits

  • It is been proven to aid fibromyalgia
  • It nourishes skin, promotes deeper and easier breathing, relieves tension related to headaches and eye strain
  • Aids in release and elimination of toxins
  • Aids in healing scar tissue and due to injury

Emotional benefits

  • It reduces anxiety
  • It enhances sense of harmony and increases energy flow at all levels.
  • Reduces mental stress

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Research on massage by psychologists at the Touch Research Institute, States and from other fields, such as nursing, shows it lessens stress, depression and anxiety. Massage also decreases pain associated with migraines, lower-back stress and fibromyalgia. And it’s been proven to help hypertension by reducing diastolic blood pressure.

Massage therapy not just for your body!

Massage is not only for your physical health. The benefits also extend to your emotional and mental health. Your body is the archive to your daily life as well as your growing up experiences. That stressful meeting, that fight with your partner, those negative thoughts, past shame or emotional baggage – all get stored in your muscles and nervous system. Often we think, ‘no big deal’ or ‘I should let that go’, but your body keeps score of the cumulative stress, emotions, and other life events.