For Back Pain Relieve Acupuncture Therapy Could Be Your Answer

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Acupuncture is one of the many ancient Chinese healing techniques which has been adopted for modern treatment of back pains. It involves the patient lying comfortably on a treatment table and very fine needles are gently placed on various areas on the body. These areas are known as acupoints. These needles are retained for about five to thirty minutes during which the patient can feel little or no discomfort. Most people have reported general relaxation after the treatment.

Acupuncture is known to improve body’s general functions as well as promoting your body’s self-healing processes. Once these fine, sterile needles are injected into your skin, other techniques like electrical stimulation, heat and pressure may be added to enhance its effectiveness. Other ways of stimulating acupoint includes cupping, heat therapy (moxibustion), tropical herbal medicines and manual massage.

Acupuncture therapy has proved to be very effective in curing very many medical conditions where other medication techniques have failed. Especially if you are suffering from back pain, acupuncture therapy may be your best option.

Most people with chronic back pain have been greatly helped by just having some few acupuncture treatments. With nearly 80% of population having to suffer from back pains at some point in their life, back pain has become one of major reasons why people are seeking medical treatment. It is also a leading reason why people seek acupuncture therapy. So if you are suffering from chronic back pain, be relieved since this is one of the areas where this therapy has proved to be very effective.

The success curing back pain problems with acupuncture therapy is attributed to stimulation of acuponts which are more than 2000 in the human body. These points are believed to be connected by meridians or pathways thus creating energy flow known as Qi. When these areas are stimulated, the imbalances in Qi are corrected thus improving energy flow. This in turn relieves the pain as well as improving general body health.

It is also believed that acupuncture speeds relay of electromagnetic signals. This initiates flow of endorphins (pain-killing chemicals). It may also help in releasing immune system cells within the body.

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