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applying self massage


Self- massage is a good practice to relieve tension and soothe the aching muscles. It is not possible to hire a masseuse every day to feel relaxed after a busy day so it is best to learn some techniques that will make you feel good without spending money.

It is advisable to take a warm shower to loosen up muscles. Rub an oil or lotion on thighs, knees, legs and toes. You may gently press or knead the muscles when they are stiff. Tired legs may need harder pressure especially for ladies wearing high heels for the whole day or anybody who walks or stands for long hours. Stretching may be suggested while pressing the parts. Reflexology or pressing of zones on feet and hands may be used but must be done properly. It is important to have a chart of zones equivalent to the body parts to make sure you are not aggravating the condition.

Finger pressure on nape, neck, lower back, shoulders, face and head may also relieve tension. Start pressing and holding points most especially the aching and stiff muscles for few seconds. Pushing your lower back while sitting or standing straight is effective for back pain. You may rub your cheeks and forehead with a circular motion which is believed to relax the nerves.  Running of fingers through the head or hair pulling is effective to release tension and stimulate the brain. Hold your hair near the scalp while pulling it gently.

some therapeutic centers sell massage equipment and getting a handy one is not a big deal especially if you like to pamper yourself and looking for a stress reliever most of the time. Be resourceful, you may roll a bottle or small ball under your feet and arms if massage rollers are not available.

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